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'Giant Mermaid' Floats In Alster Lake In Hamburg, Germany

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A man adjusts a sculpture "Giant Mermaid" on the Alster lake in the northern German city of Hamburg on August 1, 2011. The sculpture is created by art and advertising agency headed by Oliver Voss. | AFP / Getty Images

This is no little mermaid.

Workers in the German city of Hamburg are assembling an eye-catching aquatic sculpture called "Giant Mermaid" in Alster Lake.

The 12-foot-tall floating artwork was reportedly designed in three pieces by Oliver Voss, artist, advertising executive and head of the advertising academy Miami Ad School.

When put together, the sculpture should resemble a woman bathing in the picturesque lake. But the crew installing the oversized art piece ran into some technical trouble Monday, reports.

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Workers struggled to balance the "Giant Mermaid" in the water, leaving it attached to the crane overnight.

In a rough translation, Voss told the publication that he and his team were "working hard on a solution."

It's unclear if the technical woes will actually sink the art project, which hasn't enjoyed smooth sailing from the start.

Voss said he wanted the aquatic sculpture to be "a topic of conversation in Germany," but district mayor Markus Schreiber thought it would sully the beloved lake, according to an earlier report.

The gargantuan sculpture doesn't resemble a traditional mermaid. Instead of a woman with a fishtail, Voss's lady of the lake has legs that are bended at the knee and protrude out of the water.

The artwork is scheduled to float in inner Alster for 10 days, according to MSNBC.