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Villains come in all shapes, sizes and spirits. They can be gigantic, tiny, tangible, apparitions, evil, ugly, aggressive and often times, humorous. Yes, there's Freddy and Jason (on our list) who leave us lying awake at night, quivering in fear. But there are also one's that are so evil, and -- dare I say -- hilarious, that we actually form an emotional bond with them.

To properly judge a "bad guy", you have to look at a variety of factors: death count, preferred prey, brutality, appearance, size, strength and, of course, quirky one-liners.

From Joan Crawford to Norman Bates, we present the 26 most psychotic villains to ever touch the silver screen.

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Leatherface, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre
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Things happen here they don't tell about.

Leatherface is considered by many to be one of the most terrifying slasher villains of all time. He terrorizes his victims with a chainsaw and garbs himself in masks of human flesh and a blood-soaked butcher's apron.
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