08/02/2011 03:30 pm ET | Updated Oct 02, 2011

World's Awesomest Dad Paints A 'Calvin and Hobbes' Mural, Makes A Time Lapse (VIDEO)

Redditor 'KosherHam' has some serious art chops. In just 40 hours the dad painted a mural of comic characters Calvin and Hobbes on his son playroom wall based off a popular sketch he witnessed another user replicate.

Though he doesn't fancy himself an artist, he credited nostalgia for the idea, saying on the Internet forum, "The idea of sharing and passing on something important and timeless about our childhood to own kids has merit to it."

And why Calvin & Hobbes? "There is something unique about Calvin and Hobbes, that you can't get from Thomas the Train, Sponge Bob, Garfield, early Disney work, and even Loony Tunes. There is something truly magical about what Bill Waterson did."

During the creation of the mural he taped over 30 hours of footage, making a time lapse with the clips.