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Amusement Parks In Germany: A Huffington Post Travel Guide

Theme parks in Germany will not only provide a day of fun for all family members, but give your crew additional insight into the culture of the country. German and international cuisine, countryside views and classic regional characters will enhance your overall adventure. As part of a Huffington Post Travel series on family-fun parks, here is our guide to all the key information visitors need to know about German theme parks.


Theme Park Review rates this German theme park 4.5 out of 5 stars, and its members give it a perfect score. Europa-Park has a special area for a variety of European countries, each with themed rides. There is also an Adventure Playground for the little ones.


Euro-Mir is a roller coaster in which gondolas not only spin freely but are spun by motors at certain points in the ride. This coaster was modeled after the Soviet/Russian space station Mir and makes Europa-Park one of the premier amusement parks in Germany.

Performances And Playgrounds

In addition to a number of rides, visitors can enjoy playgrounds, water rides and sports centers. The park puts on a variety of shows, including puppet shows, ice skating performances and the daily Europa-Park Parade.

European Specialties

The park is home to a number of full-service restaurants offering Italian, French, Asian, Spanish and German food. There is also a snack bar, a beer garden and a Mediterranean grill.

Safety Record

Our research revealed no notable news reports of accidents or safety issues at Europa-Park.

Address: Freizeit- und Familienpark Mack KG Europa-Park-Straße 2 77977 Rust near Freiburg Germany
Phone: +49-0-18-05-77-66-88
Hours: Summer season hours are April through October and the park is open from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. During the winter season, the Magic Moments winter section of the park is open from the end of November through December, 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. The park is closed from early January through March, as well as December 24 and 25. Check the website for specific dates, times and details by day
Price: Prices for adults are €36, and €32 for children 4 to 11. Children under 4 are free, and children are free on the day of their birthday up to 12 years. Two-day and annual tickets are also available

Holiday Park

According to Theme Park Review, while Holiday Park does not have an abundance of thrill rides, families will appreciate the opportunity to enjoy this park full of greenery at a leisurely pace.

Expedition GeForce

Expedition GeForce is Holiday Park's cornerstone thrill ride. This mega coaster towers over treetops at more than 200 feet high before running through the forest of Holiday Park at 75 mph on a steel track.

Shows And Activities

In addition to thrill rides, this family-friendly park has rides and activities for visitors of all ages to enjoy, including Holly's Wilde Autofahrt, a crazy cartoon coaster. There are also children's, water and special-effects shows to enjoy.

Regional Cuisine

Holiday Park has two restaurants, Restaurant Burgschanke and Restaurant Pfalzgraf, both specializing in the cuisine of the region. There are also food and beverage facilities throughout the park serving classic German snacks like burgers, pretzels and sausages, as well as pizza and sandwiches.

Safety Record

The safety record of Holiday Park is fairly clean. However, according to Coaster Grotto, on April 28, 2010, a car on the Expedition GeForce roller coaster partially derailed. Fortunately, there were no serious injuries.

Address:Holiday-Park-Straße 6, 67454 Hassloch/Palatinate, Germany
Hours:Hours of operation are generally 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. On summer Saturday nights the park stays open until 11:30 p.m. Check the website for specific dates, times and details by day
Price:Adults and children 39 inches or taller pay €25 for admission. For children 33 to 39 inches tall, tickets are €5, and children under 33 inches are free. Admission for seniors (70+) is €5, and children 12 years or younger receive a special ticket price of €12.50 on their birthday. Revisit tickets, afternoon tickets and annual passes are also available

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