08/03/2011 11:12 am ET | Updated Oct 03, 2011

Kate Gosselin Has No Regrets, Not Even Her Hair

Kate Gosselin isn’t the kind of gal who spends time dwelling on the past. She tells me she doesn’t hold any regret when it comes to her ex-husband, Jon, and certainly does not have regret in regards to having one of the most talked about hairstyles of all time.

“I do not regret my old haircut,” Gosselin tells me. “I will tell you why. Back when I had eight very small children I made the decision to cut it very short. I thought it through. I think everything through, and I remember thinking I can either wake up in the morning and have no time to do a thing ... So I would answer the door looking like a fright ... Or get it cut short where literally I could roll out of bed in the morning and not touch it and it looked literally exactly the same.”

Athough Kate has since paid $7,000 for a new, sleeker hairstyle by Ted Gibson -- the man who has done Angelina Jolie and Anne Hathaway’s locks -- Kate refuses to see anything funny about the infamous ‘do’ that made her so famous. At least she owns it!


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