08/03/2011 08:32 am ET | Updated Oct 03, 2011

Oklahoma, Texas Football Fans Fight At Applebee's (VIDEO)

An argument over college football between fans of Big 12 rival teams resulted in a knife fight at an Applebee's restaurant that sent two men to the hospital, according to San Antonio TV station KENS.

Per the report, the argument escalated when a 29-year-old Oklahoma Sooners fan pulled a knife out and attacked a 22-year-old Texas Longhorns fan.

According to the police report, the altercation happened just before midnight on Monday and the victim sustained a cut to his wrist. KNES reported that the Sooners fan suffered stab wounds on his stomach and both are in stable condition at the hospital.

Fights between college football fans are seen far too often recently. Last year, about 40 USC and UCLA fans brawled before a football game, leaving two with stab wounds and two police officers with minor injuries.

In September, a group of college students fought in the stands during a University of Miami football game against Florida A&M.