08/04/2011 11:53 am ET | Updated Oct 04, 2011

Anderson Cooper Bashes Heidi Montag And Spencer Pratt, 'Demon Spawn' Of 'The Hills' (VIDEO)

Anderson Cooper mocked Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt with biting sarcasm on Wednesday's "AC360," adding the former "Hills" stars to his RidicuList.

The CNN host called the couple "the demon spawn" of the MTV program, telling viewers, "If you don't know who they are, congratulations."

The two rose to fame on "The Hills," an MTV reality show that centered on the lives of several young people in Los Angeles. Heidi and Spencer, in particular, were known for feuding with their co-stars, staging photos ops and displaying outrageous behavior in desperate attempts for publicity. Anderson lamented "the bloggy Twittery TMZ-esque way that people can get famous these days without any talent or intrinsic worth" and remarked that he had thought the program was just "a really long lip gloss commercial."

Anderson was reacting to a Daily Beast piece in which Montag and Pratt say they now regret everything: their hungry quest for money and fame and for Montag, her multiple plastic surgeries. Pratt had said, "Everything we were doing, in retrospect, was a mistake."

Anderson responded to the claims with biting sarcasm. He said, "Bite your tongue, Spencer. You and Heidi are both excellent role models. You taught us perspective," before replaying clips of Heidi crying over her toiletries on the NBC reality show, "I'm A Celebrity... Get Me Out Of Here!" Afterwards, he resigned, "Our civilization is ending."

Anderson also mocked Montag's plastic surgeries, interrupting a clip of Montag detailing the procedures multiple times to ask, "That was it right? Oh, that wasn't it," "Hang on" and "Are we done? Is that it?"