08/04/2011 05:32 pm ET | Updated Oct 04, 2011

Gordon Flavia, Fleeing Suspect, Allegedly Hides In Porta-Potty And Douses Himself With Waste In Wash.

Gordon Flavia is accused of making a few bad decisions on Tuesday when he crashed his car into his neighbor's condo. But one of his ideas really stunk.

In a failed attempt to mask his scent from cops on his trail, Flavia, 56, dumped a bucket of human waste on himself, according to The Daily News.

Police found him holed up in a portable toilet, the newspaper reported. He was drenched.

"We didn't know exactly what it was ... but it smelled bad," Longview police Sgt. Ed Jones said. "He thought the dogs were coming, and he was trying to throw off the scent."

Flavia's troubles began when he allegedly backed his Jeep into a neighbor's garage at a high speed. The collision wrecked the car and the carport, The Daily News said.

After the accident, Flavia took off on foot and sought cover in the porta-john. Charges were pending and could include drunken driving and hit and run, cops told the publication.

Some suspects will literally go to greater depths to escape the police. A man wanted for methamphetamine production and gun possession allegedly hopped into a waste pit filled with manure last year in Indiana.

When cops found him, he was buried up to his neck in feces.

Porta-potties aren't just hiding places -- a Colorado loo was recently the scene of a crime.

In June, law enforcement authorities arrested a 30-year-old man accused of climbing into a portable toilet to spy on women at a yoga festival.


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