08/04/2011 10:32 am ET | Updated Oct 04, 2011

Hershey's Website Hacked To Change One Recipe

Hacking stories have not been hard to come by recently. Hacking is difficult and illegal, so most people don't do it without a solid reason. Often, there's some sort of illicit financial gain at play. But the latest hacking scandal to emerge seems to be more innocuous -- and, potentially, delicious.

According to Consumerist, hackers recently broke into the Hershey's website. While inside the site, the hackers apparently changed one recipe in some manner. Hershey's released a statement on the incident; company representatives said that the only customer data that was compromised related specifically to logging into the Hershey's website. (This admission leads directly to the puzzling question: who logs into the Hershey's website?) They recommended that Hershey's users change other website passwords similar to those used on Hershey's.

If we believe the Hershey's statement, there are at least four possible explanations. For the first, two words: corporate sabotage. Or, sure, the hackers could have made a mistake; they might have been hoping to access more of an inner sanctum of Hershey's online presence, and ended up in the recipe section by mistake. The hackers could be pranksters; Hershey's did not reveal the nature of the recipe tweak, so it might have been humorous in nature. Or, most probably, the hackers might have been Martha Stewart diehards who, as a 70th birthday present to the Patron Saint of Robin's Egg Blue, decided to replace the Hershey's chocolate chip cookie recipe with one from Martha Stewart Living.