Mason Chibnick, Jail Deputy, Accused Of Creating 'Orgy'-Like Atmosphere At Fla. Women's Prison

08/04/2011 06:30 pm ET | Updated Oct 04, 2011

A Florida corrections officer didn't just lust for power, he used his power for lust, according to former co-workers and inmates under his watch.

A Pompano detention center took on an "orgy"-like atmosphere with female inmates dancing topless and performing sex acts on one another as deputy Mason Chibnick looked on, The Orlando Sentinel reported. Games of "Truth or Dare" were common when Chibnick was on duty. Accusers said he had sex with one inmate.

Chibnick, who's been transferred to work in a men's jail, also allegedly sent a picture of his penis to a former inmate's sister and was seen with an inmate entering a closet, the paper reported.

The allegations sparked an investigation that concluded he broke the code of ethics. He was given a counseling slip that outlined department policies, but has faced no other discipline.

Five colleagues testified against him, along with four inmates, although two other prisoners defended him, The Sentinel reported.

Chibnick asked for a transfer in April, because he didn't feel "comfortable" working with female inmates, according to the Orlando paper. He closed his Facebook account, which he'd allegedly used to track down ex-inmates, but didn't share his cellphone records with investigators who were exploring charges he'd sent an explicit picture to an inmate's sister.

Officials from the Broward County Sheriff's Office didn't respond to repeated inquiries from The Huffington Post.

Earlier in the year, AOL Weird News reported on another Florida prison guard who was also found in violation of ethics guidelines (as well as the law). Master corrections officer Joseph Jones, 31, was accused of trying to smuggle drugs into a Marion County jail inside of a hoagie.