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Olivia Wilde Talks Vagina Tattoos, 'The Change-Up' (VIDEO)

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Known to this point for her turns in drama on "House" and sci-fi in "Tron: Legacy" and "Cowboys & Aliens," Olivia Wilde is now showing off a bit of a wild side.

The stunning actress has a supporting role in this weekend's Jason Bateman/Ryan Reynolds body switching raunch fest, "The Change-Up," in which she plays a vixen of a lawyer looking to bed Reynolds's character, Mitch -- or so she thinks. The film sees her let loose and show some skin, which, for this movie's purposes, is marked with a number of tattoos.

It also sees her add another bit of ink, this time in a very intimate location. And while that rests safely in fiction, she has been inspired by some real naughty tattoos, the details of which she revealed in an interview with Conan O'Brien on Wednesday night. We won't spoil the story, but will say that a lawnmower is involved.

Speaking Wilde and tattoos, in an interview with ReelzChannel, she revealed that she was able to work a sequence into the film's script that deals with another star getting a tattoo. Wilde also reiterated the raunch factor of the film, saying that she wasn't sure it would even be able to be seen in theaters.

On that note, she's not the only one who was surprised by its craziness -- nor the only one to emphasize it.

Check out both interviews below.

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