08/04/2011 02:39 pm ET | Updated Oct 04, 2011

Slow-Dancing Teens Get Necessary Play-By-Play (VIDEO)

High school, right? We all remember the high points and low points of our teenage relationships, and thank goodness a Philadelphia TV station immortalized those points by rebroadcasting an awesome and totally natural dance between a bunch of high school kids circa 1986, pointed out by FourFour.

The show, "Dancin' On The Air," may seem like the most tedious show imaginable today -- in this segment, the teens slow dance to "I Am By Your Side" by Corey Hart as the announcers(??) reveal whom the dancers have by their side (it's their partner! Or their parents!) but now they exist on the Internet and their love shines across generations and medium.

These kids are about 40 today and presumably are still in love with each other.