08/05/2011 01:00 pm ET | Updated Oct 05, 2011

Andrew Dice Clay: Jay Leno Is All About Himself

Andrew Dice Clay is back. After disappearing from comedy for over 10 years, he's landed a role playing himself in HBO’s "Entourage." But Clay's big comeback didn't come with any help from his managers or agents -- and certainly not from fellow comedian, Jay Leno.

“I was hanging out at Starbucks and met Ruby Tattoos [Bruce Rubenstein] who worked for Mickey Rourke so he’s saying, ‘Dice, you were it and then you disappeared.’ So then I told him what the last ten years have been: went through a divorce, raised two boys and that was more important to me than career moves. Instead of letting your kids grow up to be a--holes, I wanted to raise good boys and they are,” Clay tells me. “So he asked me how come I never did a walk-on on 'Entourage' and I just told him, it never happened. And he goes, ‘Well, Doug Ellin [creator] thinks you are the greatest comic in the world and he wants a meeting today.”

Andrew is still amazed that an old friend, just wanting to do something out of the goodness of his heart, has made him such a hot commodity again -- he's even in talks with director, Barry Levinson about starring in the new Gotti film. But one friend's kindness doesn't mean Clay's going to let a fellow less than generous comedian off the hook.

“Johnny [Carson] would bring on comics and let them shine and let them do their thing. A guy like Leno, it’s all about him. Letterman is great,” Clay says. “I have a beef with Leno because he was never great with other comics. Chelsea [Handler] is great. Let me tell you this, she is one of the fastest you will ever work with. She comes back at you so fast, one second.”

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