08/07/2011 03:10 pm ET | Updated Oct 07, 2011

UNCENSORED: Jason Jones' Vasectomy Is Our 'Daily Show' Correspondent Clip Of The Week

Proving once again that he is both relentless and shameless when it comes to a good "Daily Show" segment, Jason Jones gave us one of the more gasp-out-loud hilarious correspondent clips in recent memory this week.

After realizing that both he and his wife, correspondent Samantha Bee, have contracted the incurable STD, children, Jones decides to undergo a vasectomy in order to prevent further flare-ups. And, of course, he takes a 'TDS' camera crew to the procedure with him. Note to the faint of heart: there is at least one dead-on testicle shot in this uncensored clip. But hopefully, this will inspire other adults to play it safe from now on. It may be too late for Jason Jones, but it doesn't have to be too late for you.

We applaud your bravery, Mr. Jones.


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