The Carnival Spirit: A Huffington Post Travel Cruise Ship Guide

08/08/2011 06:25 pm ET | Updated Oct 08, 2011

Carnival Cruise Lines' Spirit is a popular floating resort. The waters are crowded with sea-worthy vessels, so to make planning easier, we've done all the prep work for a cruise vacation. As part of a Huffington Post Travel series on cruise ships, here is a tip sheet offering all the key information one could ever need to know about the Carnival Spirit.

A Pacific Adventure

The Carnival Spirit has three-day "Cruises to Nowhere" that leave from San Diego and end in Vancouver, British Columbia, and vice versa. The Spirit also has trips around the Pacific, including stops in Mexico, Alaska, Hawaii, Vancouver, Tahiti and the Fiji Islands.

Big Luxury

A large and beautiful 12-deck ship with room for more than 2,100 passengers, the Carnival Spirit strives to give its guests the feeling that they are luxuriating in a resort on the water. Amenities include a pool with a twisting water slide, a casino and activities designed specifically to keep teenagers and children entertained.

Weatherproof Swimming

The Carnival Spirit won't let a little rain or even a bad storm ruin your pool day. Its Sliding Sky Dome will instantly turn the outdoor aft pool into an indoor pool. Also, the Spirit is a speedy SuperLiner, which can reach distant ports much quicker than other cruise ships.

Accommodation Options

Guests can choose from a basic, window-less stateroom that is comfortable but has no frills, or a room with a window and/or balcony for a less claustrophobic feel. The Carnival Spirit also offers ocean suites and grand suites, which are big enough to give guests room to spread out. The grand suites include a walk-in closet.


Cruise prices vary depending on the time of the year, destination and the type of cabin you prefer. For example, a five-day cruise to Baja Mexico from San Diego on the Carnival Spirit can start as low as $374 per-person for a basic stateroom in early February. For the same room and trip in April, the price goes up to $509 per-person. The lowest per-person rate for a suite is $789 for the early February trip. This rate rises to $979 for the same suite in April.

Fjord And Glacier Excursion

If you are taking the Carnival Spirit trip to Alaska, the Tracy Arm Fjord & Glacier Explorer excursion is highly recommended on by former cruise guests. The smaller catamaran used on this excursion can take guests much closer to the glaciers than the cruise ship can get. On this excursion, you might witness the calving, or the breaking off, of giant chunks from these ice mammoths.

Dining Options

The Carnival Spirit has both casual and formal dining options available. Unlike some ships that tell their guests when to eat, the Carnival Spirit allows guests to dine at any time between 5:45 p.m. and 9:30 p.m. The Spirit also has a steakhouse, which is an extra cost. For those who are hungry at odd hours, this ship's pizzeria is open 24-hours a day, and free room service is also available around the clock.

Maiden Voyage

According to, the Carnival Spirit's maiden voyage occurred on April 2001. This ship was built in the Helsinki New Shipyard and was constructed so that it could fit through the Panama Canal.

Safety Record

Cruise Junkie states that in 2008, 82 passengers reported getting a gastrointestinal illness while on a seven-day cruise to Vancouver. In 2007, 116 passengers on a cruise to Alaska reported getting ill on the ship. In 2003, 102 passengers reported getting ill while on the Spirit.


Luxury and Fun on the Carnival Spirit

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