08/09/2011 10:36 am ET | Updated Oct 09, 2011

Baseball Fight Erupts During American Legion Game (VIDEO)

A shocking fight between two American Legion baseball teams left onlookers stunned and both squads booted from the Southeast Regional Tournament.

The melee kicked off in the fourth inning when a player from the team from Post 100 in Cherryville, S.C. said or did something to anger the opposing catcher as he scored a run to put his team ahead 4-0. The backstop from Post 145 of Douglasville, Ga. fired the ball into the back of the runner shortly after he crossed the plate and then the field became a cauldron of flailing limbs and anger.

The Gaston Gazette has photos and quotes from the fight:

“They had a collision at the plate when my player was scoring,” Reynolds said. “He pushed him and then threw the ball at him. (Cherryville first baseman) Trey (Drewery) asked him why he did it, and he (Graves) punched Trey in the face and tackled him. And here we go.”