California's Great America Sued: Lawsuit Filed Over Gay Slur On Photo

08/09/2011 02:57 pm ET | Updated Oct 09, 2011

Two men have sued California's Great America amusement park for sexual harassment over a photo that included a gay slur.

The San Francisco Chronicle reports that Craig Person and Edmund Yang filed a lawsuit based on a photo that was taken back in 2008 while the two men were on the Psycho Mouse roller coaster.

The two men exited past a counter where park employees were selling photographs taken of patrons during the ride. Person and Yang declined to purchase a shot showing them from overhead, holding hands.

Later that day, the men's friends found the photo at a different ride's counter with a thought bubble that read, "Were (sic) F***!"

The company that runs the amusement park, Cedar Fair, is also facing litigation from a Texas organization that has reportedly filed eight lawsuits against the company over the course of a year. The suits are not related to the one filed by Person and Yang.

The photo lawsuit is not the first human-rights-related case faced by a California amusement park. The Los Angeles Times reported that back in 2004, Six Flags settled a case for $5.6 million alleging that Magic Mountain's policy of screening suspected gang members discriminates against African Americans and Latinos.

WATCH video from the Psycho Mouse roller coaster: