08/09/2011 05:12 pm ET | Updated Oct 09, 2011

Carey Mulligan Talks 'Drive' Silence With Ryan Gosling (VIDEO)

As a film script is being written, so often the screenwriter must be reminded to show, not say. It is one thing to provide verbal explanations of action or feelings, but as in real life, talk is cheap. Film is a visual medium, and while great dialogue is essential to some genres -- comedies and science fiction, in particular -- a comprehensive and telling picture on screen is a required element of any successful movie. If a film can rely on the picture to tell the story, that's often even more impressive.

Enter "Drive." In the upcoming Nicolas Winding-Refn-directed, Ryan Gosling-starring B-movie, the onus falls heavily on visual cues and honest emoting; with elements of action, drama and love, there are plenty of opportunities to use verbiage as a crutch, but given the talent involved in the film, the challenge was undertaken to say with image more than words. In fact, that decision was made by the actors themselves.

Carey Mulligan, whose voice boasts the uniquely elegant lilt of a young British woman, co-stars as a semi-single mother who becomes part of a love triangle involving Gosling, who plays a stunt driver by day, mafia driver by night. Their relationship develops in the large spaces between the sparse lines they trade, something Mulligan discussed recently with HitFix.com.

"We would sort of sit around in in the morning and Nic would say, 'Do you want to say this?' And I would say, 'No.' And Ryan would go, 'I don't wanna say that.' So we'd end up with four words and then we'd sort of shoot the scenes and look at each other," she says. "It was weird. It just kind of felt like that was the part of the film that was going to be quiet and the rest of the film was going to be chaotic and action and killings and awesome stuff. This was the part of the film was hopeful."

Weird or not, the outcome indicates it was the right call; Refn won Best Director when the film debuted at Cannes. Looks like he's got some people to thank.

The film also co-stars Albert Brooks and Christina Hendricks. Check out the interview below, and click these links for a clip and photos.

For more from Mulligan, click over to HitFix.com.


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