08/09/2011 01:54 pm ET Updated Oct 09, 2011

Colbert Claims Rick Perry For Super PAC, Announces First Commercial (VIDEO)

Colbert began Monday's "Report" with a look at that day's stock market reaction to the U.S. credit rating downgrade. Citing the S&P's lack of consideration of God's role in the American economy, he then transitioned into a discussion of the impending candidacy of Rick Perry (who recently reached out to God via prayer to ask for economic guidance). Momentum is building for the Texas governor's entry to the race, so much so that multiple evangelical-based Super PACs are clamoring to throw their money behind him.

But Stephen Colbert has a message for them: "Back off, bitches. I saw him first." After laying claim to Perry, Colbert went on to tease a commercial that will begin running in Iowa on Wednesday, just in time for the upcoming straw polls.


International viewers can watch the clip at Colbert Nation.