08/09/2011 10:23 am ET | Updated Oct 09, 2011

30 'Irreplaceable' Fallen American Forces Mourned (VIDEO)

From the big Navy town of Coronado in San Diego, to the Navy memorial in Washington, D.C., Americans are mourning the 30 forces who were shot down and killed in Afghanistan on Saturday, NBC reports.

“These young men are national treasures. They’re irreplaceable,” Capt. Ryan McCombie
shared with NBC. “You don’t find them everywhere. This was a tragedy for the entire country.”

Kevin Houston wanted to be a Navy SEAL since the fifth grade. John Brown thought he would pursue medicine, but decided to serve as a medic for Special Operation Forces instead. Both men were among the 30 who died and both epitomized American military service.

“If there is a comfort in the situation, I am so proud of my son,” said John Brown’s mother, Elizabeth Newlun, “so very proud of him."