08/09/2011 11:12 am ET | Updated Oct 09, 2011

Jennifer Lopez And Marc Anthony Have Been Over For Months

Although Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony confirmed their separation only a few weeks ago, the couple called it quits much earlier. What's more? The pair may have even timed their Splitsville announcement to ensure that Lopez would land the coveted cover of Vanity Fair's September issue.

“They have been over for months but were keeping it secret, waiting for the right time to break it,” an insider tells me, assuming it had more to do with the announcement of Lopez's "American Idol" contract renewal than the Vanity Fair cover spot.

“Vanity Fair closes its issue at least three months before it hits newsstands,” a magazine insider reveals. “No way could they have decided to split two weeks ago and be on the cover of a monthly magazine that fast. Something suspicious is going on for sure.”

The last time Lopez and Anthony were seen together in public, they were sharing the "Idol" stage and a passionate kiss during the May 25 finale, meaning the Vanity Fair interview and shoot had to happen around the same time to hit newsstands now.

“[Marc and I] actually work great together, and he was always very supportive," Lopez told Vanity Fair of her split with Anthony. "Together we could make magic — and we did. He will always be in our lives. He will always hold a special place in my heart as the father of my children.”

Having once worked for Lopez myself, I can confirm that this is a lady who plans everything -- even a potential breakup!