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Celebrity Divorce: Celebrities Who Dated Their Ex's Look-a-like

Huffington Post     First Posted: 08/11/11 08:53 PM ET   Updated: 10/10/11 06:12 AM ET

Sure, everyone has their romantic "type." Some prefer tall partners, others short; some seek out brunettes, others want blondes.

But some of these celebrities took their physical preferences in a partner to new extremes, rebounding with significant others who are the mirror images of their ex-spouses.

From Hugh Hefner's buxom blondes to Marilyn Manson's pin-up princesses, click through the slides below and judge for yourself.

Hugh Hefner
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Notorious lothario Hugh Hefner is known for his entourage of blonde, busty beauties. And if one thing can be said about the original playboy's relationship history, it's that he has a definite type. After splitting with second-wife Kimberly Conrad (pictured on the left) in 2009, he moved on with multiple look-a-likes, including Kristina Shannon and Bridget Marquardt (pictured on the right). Can you spot the similarities?
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