08/10/2011 03:10 pm ET | Updated Oct 10, 2011

Marine Worm Under An Electron Microscope Is Absolutely Terrifying (PHOTO)

This worm just won't die.

It's unclear from the original posting whether or not this is the same hydrothermal worm that went insanely viral last month, but it definitely appears to be just as vicious (unlike the "squishier" worm image that once surfaced).

This view is again terrifying, even beyond the razor-sharp teeth. Are those tiny curly devil horns on its head?!

The image, also captured by Philippe Crassous and submitted to FEI, was taken with a magnification of 58x, at a width of two millimeters, according to the posting on Flickr.

This is really creepy, and leads us to dub this marine creature with an official "scary" status.

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The Image (FEI via Philippe Crassous):