Pia Toscano Releases Debut Music Video, 'This Time'

08/10/2011 09:39 am ET | Updated Oct 10, 2011

She may have been booted off "American Idol" long before her fight for the title should have been extinguished but Pia Toscano proves that "This Time," she's a winner. After being signed to Interscope Records just one week after her "Idol" elimination, the sultry raven-haired singer has finally released her debut music video, "This Time" -- a belty ballad that showcases just why Toscano's early "Idol" dismissal outraged so many viewers.

But Toscano's ninth place finish on the talent show may not have been for a lack of talent or beauty -- both of which are clearly showcased in "This Time" -- but because of a lack of character and charisma.

Toscano's debut video is the archetype of pop ballads. A vintage, steel blue convertible? Check. Frolicking on the beach? Check. Getting soulful in a field of yellow daisies? Check.

Toscano may be a rookie when it comes to making a splash in the video world "This Time," but we hope the "Idol" favorite shows us a bit more with her sophomore tune.

Check out Toscano's "This Time" video below. Do you think her entrance into the music video world is more of a fizzle than a splash?

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