Co-Worker Conundrum: Working With Your Best Friend

08/11/2011 04:45 pm ET | Updated Oct 10, 2011

Hopefully, we all have a close friend or two at work. We work with these people at least eight hours a day. We spend the majority of our waking hours in their company. We help each other through a tough assignment and we roll our eyes in unison when the office’s “Ego” starts spouting off about how amazing they are. Over time, we start sharing personal stories and family histories. We become friends.

Friends are great. They make you smile. They know your Starbucks order and grab it for you every once in a while. They completely agree that the jerk supervisor from the marketing department is rude and condescending. They’re always down for a long lunch when you’re having a rough day. Seriously, there are a lot of perks to having good friends at work.

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