Floating Foot In Antioch Lake Spurs Search That Turns Up Mannequin

08/11/2011 01:15 pm 13:15:45 | Updated Oct 11, 2011

Authorities thought they were searching a lake for a drowned person, but were relieved when they discovered the victim was a dummy.

A boy fishing in an Illinois lake thought he'd almost hooked a lifeless human foot, but a massive 10-hour search revealed that he had reeled in a mannequin's limb, The Daily Herald reported.

Divers from the Antioch Fire Department plunged into Lake Marie and the Lake County sheriff's office sent investigators to search for the floating foot spotted by the boy and two men fishing with him on Wednesday morning, The Daily Herald said.

Finally, the mannequin's foot was found with the help of sonar and the search was abandoned at 6:30 p.m.

The boy's statement seemed reliable, which is why authorities launched the search, The Associated Press reported.

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