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Sports Authority Courting Mile High Stadium In Invesco Field Name Change

First Posted: 08/11/11 09:57 AM ET Updated: 10/11/11 06:12 AM ET

Invesco Field

What's in a name? If you're the Invesco Funds Group and are looking to make your mark in Colorado, about $120 million. That's how much Invesco paid the Metropolitan Football Stadium District and the Denver Broncos in 2001 for the rights to change the 'Mile High Stadium' to 'Invesco Field at Mile High,' according to the Denver Business Journal.

At the time, a good many fans were outraged at the name change. The Denver Post refused to mention it by its full name. John Hickenlooper (before he was Denver Mayor or Governor of Colorado) told CNN, "Every single person I talked to thought it was outrageous they would sell the name."

After signing the deal in early 2001, however, Invesco was hit with losses in the stock market, merged with a mutual fund group in Houston, and moved to Atlanta. Fast forward to 2011: The Denver Post reports Englewood, Colorado-based Sports Authority has approached Invesco with the offer to take over naming the stadium.

For $150 million over 25 years, the name would change to 'Sports Authority Field at Mile High.' Fans, what do you think?

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