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Thaddeus McCotter Goes Lo-Fi In Fundraising Ask

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I don't have any idea how well Representative Thaddeus McCotter (R-Mich.) is going to do in this weekend's Ames Straw Poll -- though if the critical Corn Kernel Pre-Poll Contest is any guide, probably not well. Nevertheless, he'll have his chance to pitch himself to Iowans, and he's getting in a little practice in his latest campaign fundraising video spot.

See, Thad McCotter's not into having "message gurus," or getting hair plugs, or dining at your "swanky bistros." Nuts to that. Instead, he's going to find himself a brick wall to stand against and promise to promote "American exceptionalism" in the most "frugal" way possible. It's a spot after my own heart: no gloss, no hype, good use of found space. And yeah, he'll do it in one take, thank you very much. Plus, McCotter's gonna rock the 64-ounce Diet Mountain Dew because he knows he got to keep his Iowa game crunk.

Anyway, Thad McCotter could really use, say, $15,000 in the next three days, so he doesn't have to hitchhike back from Iowa or something.

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