08/11/2011 03:47 pm ET | Updated Oct 11, 2011

Timmothy Pitzen Missing: Mother Amy Fry-Pitzen's Suicide Leaves Questions About Boy

Authorities have released new details in the disappearance of young Timmothy Pitzen, who has been missing for three months in a case that only gets stranger and more disturbing as time goes by.

On May 11, Amy Fry-Pitzen, Timmothy's mother, checked her six-year-old son out of the Greenman Elementary School in suburban Aurora, Illinois, 40 miles west of Chicago. She then set out on a three-day, 500-mile road trip with her son in tow, before slitting her wrists in a hotel room at the Rockford Inn.

A note found at the scene of her suicide read that Timmothy was safe, but that he would never be found.

On Thursday, authorities released new information about the case, but are still apparently far from locating the missing boy. Instead, they found what they describe as "concerning" blood evidence in his mother's SUV, according to the Daily Herald, as well as a few other clues.

The 2004 Ford Expedition Fry-Pitzen was driving had a sizable amount of blood in the back seat, which lab reports determined is Timmothy's. But family members say the blood may have come from a bloody nose, and authorities couldn't say how long the blood had been there.

The knife Amy used to commit suicide had only her own blood on it, police told the Daily Herald.

Some other unanswered questions were raised by the newly public information. For instance, the Chicago Sun-Times reports that Amy's I-PASS logged two trips out through the suburbs earlier this year that family members can't explain, one in February and a second along the same route in March.

And there are a number of key items still missing: Amy's cell phone; the I-PASS device from her car; her son's Spider-Man backpack and the toys from the car.

In the hopes of finding more information, investigators also released home video of Timmothy, which the Chicago Tribune has posted on its website. In the heart-rending clip, the young boy pieces together a toy guitar and hums a song as he pretends to play.

Aurora authorities are offering a $5,000 reward for any information that helps police find the missing six-year-old.