08/11/2011 03:55 pm ET | Updated Oct 11, 2011

'Try Helvetica' Gives Brazil A Font Makeover (PICTURES)

Helvetica changes everything. Or, at least that's the theory behind Brazilian design factory NOONO's fantastically picturesque Tumblr 'Try Helvetica.' With both their own and crowdsourced photos of Brazilian landscape, the team digitally edits the scene by exchanging the real life signage with Photoshopped Helvetica font signage.

Creator Felipe Nuno told HuffPost, "I had this idea because I'm a huge fan of Helvetica." Nuno explains it began as "a big joke," but believes that people without education, particularly those without art and design knowledge, are unaware "the difference that design can make." His tumblr shows that "with just a little adjustment," a change in font, how great of an impact it can have on a business and its branding.

The results are so clean and hip one might think you've traveled into a corner of Brooklyn rather than Rio de Janeiro or São Paulo. The photos also recall the social power of font choices. Typography, particularly the Comic Sans font, is often at the cornerstone of online jokes but rarely do we see where it might be used for good.

Helvetica has enjoyed great pop culture fame, first as the focus of a documentary and then as a Google April Fool's gag.