08/11/2011 12:27 pm ET | Updated Apr 17, 2012

Will & Kate Movie: Which Network Has The Better Made-For-TV Flick? (VIDEO)

An eligible prince, the hot commoner who loves him, tons of family baggage and a fairy-tale ending -- Prince William and the former-Kate Middleton's romance couldn't sound more like a made-for-TV movie if it were scripted.

So it comes as no surprise that Hallmark has turned Kate and Will's royal romance into a television event, Grazia reports. The new movie is called, rather cleverly, "William & Catherine: A Royal Romance" and will air on August 27, a good four months after the royal wedding.

If you're thinking, "Wasn't there already a cheesy made-for-TV move about the royal romance?" (we know you are), you're absolutely correct: Lifetime has already been there, done that, having hastily thrown together a movie called "William & Kate: The Movie" that aired in April.

With two competing movie homages, it is our solemn duty to guide you through the treacherous made-for-TV movie-watching waters. Here's our helpful guide to Lifetime's "William & Kate: The Movie" and the upcoming "William & Catherine" from Hallmark.

While "William & Catherine: A Royal Romance" is more formal and accurate, as Kate is now known by her Christian name, "William & Kate: The Movie" uses the names we know and love. The Duchess of Cambridge will always be Kate to us.

WINNER: "William & Kate: The Movie."

While Nico Evers-Swindell and Camilla Luddington, the stars of "William & Kate: The Movie," have much more acting experience than Dan Amboyer and Alice St. Clair of "William & Catherine: A Royal Romance," Amboyer is a dead-ringer for Prince William, much more so than the handsomer Evers-Swindell. Plus "William & Catherine: A Royal Romance" also has Victor Garber in the cast -- he's, like, a real actor!

WINNER: "William & Catherine: A Royal Romance."

"William & Kate: The Movie" casts William as an entitled college lad on the prowl, gawking at Kate as she struts the runway and trying to seduce her in a bar. "William & Catherine: A Royal Romance" seems to focus on the more serious weight of family obligations on the Prince, even daring to bring Diana into the picture-- Prince Charles tells Will dramatically, "I'm just afraid that the same thing will happen to Kate that happened to your mother!" Heavy stuff -- too heavy.

WINNER: "William & Kate: The Movie."

Uninspired writing:
From "William & Catherine: A Royal Romance": "William, sometimes a man gets to the point where he either needs to commit or let go."
From "William & Kate: The Movie": "Royals only marry royals!" "He's just a guy."

WINNER: "William & Kate: The Movie" by a landslide.

"William & Catherine: A Royal Romance" premieres on August 27 at 9/8c on the Hallmark Channel.

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