Brazil's 'Mr. Elderly' Annual Contest Chooses Most Handsome Grandfather (VIDEO)

08/12/2011 02:31 pm ET | Updated Oct 12, 2011

"They want to see people who are dynamic...who are good speakers who also have good looks and a young is able to somehow pass this energy to the public."

That's how the winner of Brazil's "Mr. Elderly" contest describes the geriatric beauty contest's criteria. You can't fault 60-year-old electrician Sergio Cardoso too much for sounding immodest: he was selected out of 65 other respectable elderly men, and reportedly drew gasps from a crowd of nearly 300 women as he stepped forward to take the coveted title.

As the BBC is reporting, the annual pageant is hosted by Sao Paulo-based clinic with the intention of promoting healthy aging among men and women over 60.

Watch BBC's report on "Brazil's most handsome granddad" below:

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