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How To Enjoy Ice Cream Without Blowing Your Diet     First Posted: 08/13/11 02:55 AM ET   Updated: 10/12/11 06:12 AM ET

A couple of weeks ago, I enjoyed my first “real” ice cream of the summer. Sure, I’ve eaten plenty of low-calorie, low-fat frozen yogurt in recent months, but not the full-fat, high-calorie type packed with cookies, nuts and bits of chocolate. You know, the good stuff! I ordered my favorite flavor (Almond Joy) and enjoyed every single bite of it; the splurge was totally worth it!

Ice cream is a cool treat during the summer heat, but before I enjoy a scoop (or two!), I keep in mind these waistline-saving strategies.

Order A Kiddie Size
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Even though I want three scoops of ice cream, I know just one will satisfy my craving, so I order a kid's size scoop, which is typically more than enough. If a kid's size is not available, I share an order with my husband or a friend.

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