08/12/2011 11:35 am ET | Updated Oct 12, 2011

Kevin Spacey's 'Father Of Invention' Trailer Hits, Film Picked Up (VIDEO)

Kevin Spacey's long-delayed invention is finally here.

Announced in March, 2009 and premiering at the Berlin Film Festival in 2010, "Father of Invention," the quirky comeback story was unable to find a distributor for US theaters until indie Anchor Bay on Tuesday announced that it was coming to the rescue. The flick stars Kevin Spacey as a made-for-TV gadget inventor whose hit (and farcical) workout machine, the Ab Clicker, ends up breaking peoples' fingers and lands him in jail.

When he gets out, his ex-wife (Virginia Madsen) has re-married and given all of his possessions to her new husband, Craig Robinson, forcing him to live with his estranged daughter, played by Camilla Belle. That prompts him to reinvent himself, going from homeless looking to just sporting a kind of ridiculous mustache and becoming the man and father he had never been before.

Interestingly, it has shades of "Larry Crowne," another mid-life reinvention story, from fellow Oscar-winner Tom Hanks. But while Hanks' character was fired from a big box retailer, sparking his reinvention, Spacey's Axle is hired at one.

The film his theaters in October. Watch the trailer (via CinemaBlend) below.