08/12/2011 02:57 pm ET | Updated Oct 12, 2011

Mike Harlow, Soldier, Surprises Wife At Baseball Game (VIDEO)

Heartwarming moments are becoming as common at the ballpark as home runs these days as another U.S. soldier had a surprise reunion with his family at a baseball game.

Darla Harlow came out to Trustman Park in Pearl, Miss. because she had won free tickets for her and her daughters for a game between the Mississippi Braves and the visiting Carolina Mucats. At least, that's what she thought.

And, once she arrived, she thought that she was randomly selected to toss out a ceremonial first pitch. How lucky and strange, she must have thought. But after tossing a one-hopper into the catcher's mitt, the thrill of her night was yet to come.

Because the man behind the catcher's mask, who was wearing a Braves jersey, was none other than her husband: Army Major Mike Harlow. Although it took her a second to even recognize him, her shock was apparent and heartwarming.

Harlow had been in Afganistan since December 2010 and his wife was totally unaware that he'd be at the game.

Once reunited, Darla remarked, " I couldn't even think! I had no clue what was happening because I was still shocked to be selected to throw the game's first pitch."