'24 Hours Of Neon' Shows Las Vegas In Time-Lapse (VIDEO)

05/11/2011 01:08 pm ET | Updated Sep 20, 2011

Vimeo user Philip Bloom recorded the Strip, the nearby hotel pools, McCarren airport and the mountains surrounding Vegas all from his hotel balcony, 31 stories up in the MGM Signature.

The idea behind the video, Bloom says on his blog, came from the idea that "neon never stops and Vegas is 24-hours a day."

It was, he claims, a more "ambitious" piece than his two previous time-lapse videos: one of the Sydney Opera House, Sydney Harbour and Harbour Bridge, and one of the Space Needle in Seattle.

In order to get the film he wanted, he booked the room roughly 9 months in advance, requesting a strip view. Though the room turned out to not be so "Strip-y", the room had a balcony, offering expansive views without one focal point in mind.

The problem with shooting in Las Vegas, Bloom mentions, is that the buildings are all very tinted, so it's hard to get a good shot. As a result, he filmed the Strip and the surrounding areas to create a "mish-mash [that gives] you a taste and a flavor of the whole place and the view."

Unlike other time-lapse videos, real world sounds are blended in, from sirens, to planes landing to background noise.


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