Cheryl Burke Talks Bullying, Trashes Tom Delay's Style

08/15/2011 04:32 pm ET | Updated Oct 15, 2011

"What Not to Wear," TLC's longest-running primetime series, is back tomorrow night with "Dancing with the Stars" pro Cheryl Burke and actress Jenny McCarthy surprising their personal assistant, whom they share, with a makeover by Stacy London and Clinton Kelly.

“If someone recommended me for ‘What Not to Wear’ I would punch them in the face,” Burke tells me. "But I think my assistant, Becky, totally loved it. She’s from Chicago and not all about fashion all the time. She enjoyed being spoiled rotten for once.”

Cheryl knows what it feels like to be criticized for the way she looks -- she was verbally attacked six months ago for putting on a little weight and is still hurt by what was said.

“It’s sh-tty. It’s not nice to be under the microscope, let alone I’m here doing my job which is already not easy and then being attacked by the press -- there is a double whammy,” Burke tells me. “People just need to stop when it comes to being mean and cruel to celebrities. At the end of the day, we are like every other human being. We have our insecurities and it's something that can affect us for life. It's another way of bullying.”

Telling me that of all the celebrities that have appeared on "Dancing With The Stars" she thinks Spice Girl, Mel B, and Kim Kardashian have the best style, she wasn’t afraid to tell me who needed Stacy and Clinton’s help the most.

“Tom Delay needs a little bit of a makeover," she admits. "Tom would need to join 'What Not To Wear.' Don’t be afraid of color. Don’t hide yourself under baggy clothes, as it makes you look boxier. Show off your curves. The more you hide them, the more obvious they are going to look.”

We hope you're listening, Tom! To watch Burke and McCarthy surprise their assistant with a makeover, tune into "What Not To Wear" Tuesday on TLC.