David Bohrman, New Current President: I 'Outed Myself' As A Liberal (VIDEO)

08/15/2011 09:18 am ET | Updated Oct 15, 2011

David Bohrman, the new president of Current TV, admitted to Howard Kurtz that he was "outing" himself as a liberal by joining the network.

Bohrman, who served as CNN's Washington bureau chief and its Chief Innovation Officer before becoming the head of Current last week, appeared on Sunday's "Reliable Sources" and told Kurtz that he took on his new role because he feels there is "not a lot of time for the left" in the mainstream media.

"Fox is now the mainstream," he said. "Fox tells a lot of people what to think. And I think that we want on one level to be a counterpart to that."

"A lot of people have asked me, well, does your taking this job suggest that you were a closet liberal during your years here at CNN?" Kurtz asked.

"I do feel like I crossed a line and have been somewhat--and outed myself," Bohrman said. "...But I will tell you, in the hundreds if not thousands of hours of programming that I produced here at CNN and at NBC and at ABC, with Wolf Blitzer and John King and all of the others, I don't think any of us ever knew our politics."

Bohrman also said that he doesn't think MSNBC is as committed to liberalism as Current will be.

"I think MSNBC trots it out a little bit at night," he said. "I think most of the day, 20 hours a day, it's the NBC News network. And the one trap even at night that I think we see at MSNBC, and I think we see here even at CNN, as well, there's almost this false equivalency where everything is a minute on this opinion and then a minute a counter-opinion."


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