08/15/2011 02:47 pm ET Updated Oct 15, 2011

Glenn Beck Speculates What Would Happen If He Was Beheaded By Terrorists (AUDIO)

Glenn Beck spent part of his Monday radio show speculating about what would happen if terrorists beheaded him.

Speaking to co-host Pat Gray, Beck asked, "Do you think we will be a. kicked off the air first, b. arrested first by even maybe our own government or a foreign government, or c. beheaded?" He added an additional option, asking "all of the above?"

Gray responded, "I think all of the above could happen. I'm not sure in what order," to Beck's laughter.

"Well I don't think they would behead us and leave us on the air," Beck said. "It would be kind of a boring show!"

So what would happen?

Beck speculated, "Let's say Christian terrorists came in right now and beheaded us, and then they left us on the air. Here's how the story would be reported in the New York Times in four weeks: 'Glenn Beck in staggering ratings decline.'" LISTEN: