Los Angeles Beard And Mustache Competition At The Federal Bar

08/15/2011 10:34 am ET | Updated Oct 15, 2011

The smell of beer and mustache wax was in the air last night at the first annual Los Angeles Beard and Mustache Competition. Hundreds packed into a back room at the Federal Bar in North Hollywood to scream for their favorites among the 75 contestants. The competition was made up of business beard, partial beard, full beard, mustache, and freestyle divisions.

The six-judge panel was instructed to vote based on criteria like "overall condition and health of the facial hair," color, thickness, size and style. In between events, contestants posed for pictures with fans, shared grooming tips with each other, and listened to performing bands and DJ beats.

And while there was no formal dress code, mutton chops and mustaches were matched, more often than not, with vintage clothing. Bowler hats, top hats, vests, suspenders, knickerbockers, and even a two-piece men's bathing suit could be seen on stage and in the crowd. Lady admirers donned fake mustaches, and one sported a crocheted beard. Also spotted: President Abraham Lincoln, a viking, a musketeer, a Civil War soldier, and a farmer.

LA Beard & Mustache Competition

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