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Mahmoud Abbas, Palestinian President, Visits Bosnia On Campaign For U.N. Recognition

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Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, right, and Khaled Alattrash, left, Palestinian ambassador to Bosnia | AP

SARAJEVO, Bosnia-Herzegovina -- Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas is meeting leaders of Bosnia-Herzegovina, a non-permanent member of the UN Security Council, as Palestinians plan to bring a resolution on Palestinian statehood to the United Nations in September.

Abbas arrived in Bosnia on Sunday for a three-day visit and is meeting Bosnia's three member Presidency as well as the foreign minister on Monday.

Foreign Minister Sven Alkalaj told media in Sarajevo that Abbas was coming to lobby for support for Palestinian U.N. membership but that Bosnia still has not made up its mind.

Bosnia's Muslims and Catholic Croats may side with the Palestinians while the Serbs are likely to support Israel.

The Palestinian plan sparked intense diplomatic efforts by both Israelis and Palestinians to win as many countries as possible over to their side.

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