08/15/2011 05:29 pm ET | Updated Oct 15, 2011

Mark Sanchez Admits That He Wanted To Fight Rex Ryan In GQ Profile That Includes Steamy Pictures (PHOTO)

"Women want to be with him and men want to be him" is a saying often used to describe iconic British special agent James Bond, arguably the paragon of masculinity. At least, he is when Daniel Craig is otherwise occupied.

But if you add a third clause to that statement that goes something like "And his offensive linemen surely mock him for his fashion pictorials" then this saying is increasingly apropos for describing New York Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez.

Not only has the 24-year-old "Sanchize" piloted the Jets to the AFC title game in both of his professional seasons, but he is blessed with matinee idol looks. Those looks will be gracing the pages of the September issue of GQ as Sanchez has again been photographed and profiled by the magazine. It is a safe bet that the steamy pictures accompanying the feature story will draw plenty of female readers to the men's magazine (Check out the cover photo at the bottom).

While there are still varying schools of thought on Sanchez's skills as a signal caller, it is pretty clear that he's a bona fide tabloid star. Whether it's alleged romantic dalliances or a trip to the theater, just about everything Sanchez does makes news. This has stretched about as far back as ... the last time that he appeared in GQ as a fresh-faced but hard-bodied rookie.

Once you get past the photo spread, there are a handful of interesting items in the story. And, no, I don't count the fact that Sanchez admits to having the Justin Bieber documentary on his DVR among them. First and foremost is the revelation that Sanchez was ready to fight his charismatic coach Rex Ryan after learning that he might be demoted last season after a string of poor performances that culminated in the rival New England Patriots rolling over the Jets in Week 13. Ryan stuck by Sanchez and the pair never fought. Both were rewarded as the team once again came within one win of the Super Bowl.

"I wanted to fight him," Sanchez says. "I was really mad."

There is little doubt that the fiercely competitive Ryan will only see Sanchez's admission as the mark of a man consumed by the same will to win. However, it remains to be seen how Ryan and the rest of the locker room will react to all these glamour shots of their teammate. And, perhaps more importantly, it remains to be seen if Kissing Suzy Kolber will give this event the full "Rex Ryan: Greatest Coach Ever" treatment.

The reaction to Sanchez's fighting words and the photo spread among the loyal commenters over at The Jets Blog (which is the catch-all Gang Green spot on the Internet, in case you're wondering), is mixed but generally jovial.

Among the top comments:
  • revischrist says "rex would kick his a$$"
  • "DMike" says, "Less posing, more practice. I love the guy, but he’s only an average QB right now. More time on the field, less in front of the camera until your TD:Int ratio and completion % increase!!"
  • Andre says, "The white jeans picture is by far the funniest, Sanchez and Brady should have a walk off ala Zoolander and Hansel."

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