08/15/2011 08:28 am ET | Updated Oct 15, 2011

Wrestling Fan Argues With Christian Protestor After Summerslam (VIDEO)

It just goes to show: we may have different beliefs, but we are united by our common loudness.

For this true believer, Summerslam was as good a place as any to do a little forceful witnessing to the hell bound. But one wrestling fan -- along with his inebriated friends -- took it upon himself to engage the gentleman in a spirited exchange of ideas.

We'll admit, as far as theological debates go, this one is pretty weak. Outside of the Summerslam fan's detailed explanation of how his parents made him and not the big guy upstairs, few salient points are made. But, hey, it's about having a dialogue, folks. It doesn't always have to be a coherent one.