08/16/2011 12:14 pm ET | Updated Oct 16, 2011

Elizabeth Banks Talks Impersonating Chelsea Handler (VIDEO)

"30 Rock" actress Elizabeth Banks visited the "Chelsea Lately" show last night to promote her new movie "Our Idiot Brother" and had a blast talking about how much she and the show's host Chelsea Hander look alike.

In fact, Handler welcomed Banks to her show last night joking, "My twin sister is here everybody."

The two blondes aren't related but people seem to mix them up all the time. Banks told Handler she once even indulged a fan in a case of mistaken identity.

While visiting Toronto, Banks said she was approached by a man who told her that his girlfriend loved her and would die if he didn't get her autograph.

"I'm thinking yeah, sweet. And he's like 'I just love your books; 'My Horizontal Life,"' and I was like, Oh, he thinks he's meeting Chelsea Handler," she recalled.

"And I couldn't ruin it for him, you know. I was like 'yeah it's nice to meet you," she said pretending to be the author and talk show host, even telling the fan she was in Toronto on a book tour.

This has happened to Banks before, last year she tweeted:

"Saw Chris Rock last night. He said, "Hey, Chelsea Handler!" We've met before. I'm 98.65% positive he was not kidding. I didn't correct him."

Handler didn't mind at all, in fact looking so much alike has actually helped her out:

"This is the best part, when we were at the White House Correspondents Dinner and we both went, and Bill O'Reilly was talking to me and I said, 'I think you are confusing me with Elizabeth Banks,' because I wanted to get the fuck away from him," she told Banks.

Handler joked that if she ever gets caught in a bad photo she's just going to blame Banks.

"It's fine, I blame Rachel McAdams," she joked about the "Midnight In Paris" actress who also bares a striking resemblance Banks and Handler. "It's all good we just pass it on."