08/16/2011 08:17 pm ET | Updated Oct 16, 2011

Jason Terry Mocks LeBron James And Miami Heat During Making Of Young Jeezy Music Video

Hopefully Jason Terry didn't get a pool table tattooed on his arm before he showed up for the filming of the music video for rapper Young Jeezy's new track "Win."

You see, Terry, who had the NBA's championship trophy tattooed on his right arm before the 2010-2011 campaign, is known to do things like that. And, while he was able to help the Dallas Mavericks overcome LeBron James and the Miami Heat in the NBA Finals, it seems that he didn't do nearly as well shooting pool against Jeezy and whomever else was hanging at the video shoot.

When talking about his billiards losses, amidst what seems to be a boozy and raucous backdrop, Terry takes a dig at LeBron and the rest of the runners-up in South Beach.

The All-Star shooting guard repurposes the chorus of "Win" and croons "Lose, Lose, Lose…I Feel Like Lebron and Them Now" to the delight of everyone around. This bit of improvisation is captured in a brief behind-the-scenes clip shot during the production of the music video.

Of course, it's entirely possible that any winning credibility that Terry accrued by hoisting the Larry O'Brien trophy at the end of last season is negated by another music video that he recently appeared in. Seemingly in the lobby of a hotel, Terry has a walk-on role in the failtastic video clip for "Livin De Life" by middle-aged white casino host Allen Samuels.

I'm fairly certain that even LeBron would describe that as a "lose."

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