08/16/2011 02:49 am ET | Updated Oct 15, 2011

MÖBIUS: Hypnotic Melbourne Public Art From ENESS (VIDEO)

In the video below, Melbourne, Australia's latest piece of public art shows itself to be as versatile and changeable as the city that commissioned it. MÖBIUS suggests a sort of triangular wave; while passers-by in Melbourne may get some of that impression, the full effect can only be felt in stop-motion film.

The sculpture and its accompanying video are the latest creations from Melbourne-based design firm ENESS, which specializes in site-specific public art and interactive video projections. Their giant eyeball, something of an ENESS trademark, was one of the standout pieces in Red Bull's viral Off the Planet interactive projection art show, and more of their work can be found on the 'Projects' section of their website.