08/16/2011 09:06 am ET | Updated Oct 16, 2011

Shep Smith Says London Is Looking For A 'Top C--k' (VIDEO)

Shep Smith had a salty slip of the tongue on Monday when he inadvertently said London was looking for a "top c--k" to run Scotland Yard.

Smith was speaking about Bill Bratton, the former NYPD and LAPD chief who is in talks with British Prime Minister David Cameron to take on a role within Scotland Yard.

"Bratton reportedly says he'd want to be London's cop top," Smith said, before correcting himself--or, rather, messing up even more by saying "top c--k." He then banged on his desk before correctly saying "top cop."


it's not the first time Smith has made this kind of gaffe. He once infamously said that Bronx residents were more likely to give Jennifer Lopez a "curb job than a blow job."