08/17/2011 09:49 am ET | Updated Oct 17, 2011

Anderson Cooper Mocks Rapping Sorority (VIDEO)

As we all know, Anderson Cooper's favorite impression may be that of the young woman up to no good. Whether it's drunk girls on a New York sidewalk or Snooki herself, Cooper seems to take a particular glee in dusting off his best high-pitched squeal and/or "young person" dialogue.

On his Tuesday show, Cooper added to his ever-growing roster when he (lovingly) mocked a sorority in Alabama for a questionable recruitment video that is apparently making the YouTube rounds. (It was news to HuffPost Media, but Cooper apparently keeps an eagle eye on these sorts of things.) The video features rapping, a cover of "Friday" and much, much more, and Cooper went to town on it.

"I have maintained for years that nothing says rap music like white sorority girls," he began. People have always argued with me for some reason about this, but now at last, I'm vindicated." The clip also allowed Cooper to indulge in his other great talent: being a dorky white 44-year-old man. Watching the Alabama squad shout "what it be!" Cooper screwed up his face and said, "What it be indeed! What it be. Yo, they got mad street cred. Yo." It was...a little awkward.

Of course, not everyone loved Cooper's attempt to connect to his hip-hop roots. After one irate viewer told him the clip was a "moral felony," Cooper apologized for perpetrating such a crime. "Won't happen again," he tweeted back.