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Chef Assaults Kitchen Staffer After Critic Calls Food 'Disgusting'

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It's hard to remain calm after a restaurant critic insults your food. But punching a kitchen worker and pushing him down the stairs may be going a tad too far. Chef and owner Charlie McCubbin of the River Café in Wales did just that after the Sunday Times restaurant critic AA Gill told him that the food was "disgusting."

Since his outburst, McCubbin admitted his wrongdoing and has patched things up with his staffer. He acknowledged his short fuse and said outside of court, "I've been compared to [Gordon] Ramsay but, to be honest, sometimes I make him look tame."

Turns out, Gill's comment was meant as a joke anyway (thus why you should never ask a critic how he liked his meal) and his positive review is proudly posted at the restaurant.

AA Gill is known for his rather colorful reviews. He has gotten into trouble before for making insulting remarks about the Welsh ("pugnacious little trolls") as well as many other groups of people.

If you read one of Gill's harsher reviews, it becomes a lot easier to sympathize with McCubbin.

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