Andy Levy's Chris Brown Apology On 'Red Eye' Most Sincere Thing Ever (VIDEO)

08/18/2011 02:24 pm ET | Updated Oct 18, 2011

We do love a heated Twitter exchange, and when it involves "TV's" Andy Levy, you know it's going to be deliciously snarky. The "Red Eye" side man started a heated, grammatically-challenged exchange with Chris Brown's fans -- collectively known as Team Breezy -- when he sarcastically RT'd one of the singers tweets. Apparently, nothing riles Team Breezy up more than references to Brown's not-so-gentlemanly past.

Below is Levy's original tweet, Brown's response and then a few notable fan tweets. Following that, check out Levy's sarcastic apology. It's kind of perfect.

Andy Levy, Chris Brown Tweets